Wednesday, 21 February 2024

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Nucifera Coconut oil is one of the best cooking oil we have ever used. Earlier our family was using other cooking oil available in the local marts and shopping malls. Since we have started using Nucifera coconut oil we have started feeling much healthy and energetic. This oil can be used for any type of cooking, deep frying or shallow frying. It tastes good with all foods vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian that I cook at home.

Sangeeta K

Nucifera coconut is the 100% pure coconut oil. The food cooked in this oil is really tasty and healthy. We can smell the natural aroma of coconut oil while cooking. Also noticed the consumption of oil in our house has reduced far below than what we used to earlier, the absorption level is less in food.

Anita Menon

Nucifera Coconut oil is 100% pure, I am using for cooking South Indian and North Indian dishes regularly don’t want to miss after using Nucifera oil in my Kitchen I don’t have any oil stains. Also I use Nucifera oil as a beauty product in fact I received lot of compliments for my glowing skin and hair.


Nucifera is a Quality and Genuine coconut oil in the market. Nucifera cooking oil is crystal clear, fresh, and smells really good. Being so pure there is no worry storing it for a longer duration.

Ravi Pillai

Nucifera coconut oil has solved all my cooking problems; I would recommend people to please try Nucifera cooking oil.

Anil Kumar

My family has been using Nucifera coconut oil for the past 4/5 months for cooking. We have found it healthy and we have no objection about it. It is 100% pure coconut oil and the oil is too light in density that’s why its absorbent power is less that means it absorbs less oil to cook

Ramesh D